Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics Conference 2011

Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics 2011 will be held in Osaka, Japan 26-29 August 2011.

The conference will focus on corpus-based synchronic and diachronic studies of Middle and Modern English. We would particularly welcome papers which employ or respond to new diachronic corpora (such as the Time Corpus and the Corpus of Historical American English by Mark Davies), or which take a variationist approach to Present-day English (e.g. Twentieth-Century English: History, Variation and Standardization by Christian Mair).

The abstract submission is now closed.

The first MMECL, held in Innsbruck, Austria in 2009, was successful with more than 60 participants from all over the world. Its proceedings are now being edited for publication by Manfred Markus, Yoko Iyeiri, Reinhard Heuberger and Emil Chamson.

The site of the conference, Osaka, is one of the major cities in Japan with easy access from Kansai International Airport. Osaka is near Kyoto and Nara, two ancient capitals of Japan, which can be reached by train in less than an hour.
Osaka is also about 500 kilometers away from Tokyo.

You might want to extend your stay in Japan since there is another conference SHELL (Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics), a Japanese version of SHEL, between 1-3 September 2011 in the Tokyo area.
SHELL has been postponed until September, 2012.